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Recent Articles:
Fighting Fires
Have you ever wondered just what a fire fighter endures to become certified? I'd never make a fire fighter. The training would kill me.
Someone Special
True story about the day I was led across Pittsburg, PA by a blind lady.
My Way, Dammit
America has become politically and ideologically polarized to a degree I never thought I'd see. We've reached a point where the old "Us versus Them" attitude between the political left and right is nearing open warfare. It's high time we learn to pull together again.
Do Increases to the Minimum Wage Affect Unemployment?
Democrats and Republicans often debate the merits of increasing the federal minimum wage. Who's right? Who's wrong?
Crime by the Numbers
Given the racial tensions and crime rates in the US right now, I've been digging through some FBI and UN resources and compiled a decent summary of crime data as to how it relates to race, and tossed in a global list of crime rates for good measure. I hope you find it informative and useful.
That Damn Square Puzzle
That mildly annoying "How many squares?" puzzle is again making the rounds on Facebook. There aren't 22 or 36 or 32. There are FORTY squares. I have painstakingly marked them and posted it so we can end the debate.
Freedom of (and from) Religion in America
A discussion of the swirling debate regarding church-state separation, gay rights, etc
Tilting At Windmills
A brief rant about the prevalence of conspiracy theories in the US
State By State Rankings Study #1 2014
Sortable table representing various social and economic rankings by state. Fields include: Infant mortality rate, poverty rate, property crime rate, violent crime rate and DUI fatality rate.
In The News:
Weather.com: Tornadoes Strike Texas, Oklahoma
Damaging storms swept across Texas and Oklahoma Tuesday, spawning more than two dozen reported tornadoes in the two states. Flash flooding also disrupted road travel in parts of the region.
Weather.com: 8 Jaw-Dropping Images from the Houston Flood Nightmare
Flooding is a threat people often ignore until it's too late. But after seeing these eight photos from the nightmare in Houston, we think you'll understand why you need to be so cautious.
High Times: Judge Married to Drug Dealer Sends SWAT Team After Innocent Man
Some of the highest hypocrisy within the American Drug War is often caught oozing from those same officials charged with enforcing its injustice. Eventually, however, someone comes along and exposes these two-faced henchmen for the gutter swine that they are, and drags the supposed integrity of the Controlled Substances Act further into the sewers of uncivil society.
Fox News: Police dog saves partner's life after ambush attack in Mississippi woods
A police dog is being hailed a hero after the K9 saved the life of a Mississippi sheriff's deputy, ripping into the men authorities say dragged the officer into the woods Monday in an ambush attack.
Fox News: WWII wreck gives up millions in silver
The deepest salvage operation in history has recovered a haul of coins that Britain planned to use to fund the fight against Nazi Germany 73 years ago.
NORML: Study: Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Diabetes
"Recently active cannabis smoking and diabetes mellitus are inversely associated," they determined. Authors estimated that subjects with a history of cannabis use were about 30 percent less likely to have diabetes compared to non-using subjects.

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